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108 Pagodas

Also known as the 108 Lamaist Stupas, this Buddhist site dates back to the 11th century. Most of the pagoda structures on the site are about 2.5 metres (8 feet) tall, with the tallest stupa standing at 3.35 metres (11 feet).
There are a few significant pagoda forests in China, including the Shaolin Temple near Luoyang and Lingyan Temple in Shandong province, and the 108 Stupas near Wuzhong is another to add to the list. This site shouldn’t be confused with the 108 Stupas in Bhutan. The pagodas are located in Qingtongxia, in close proximity to the city of Wuzhong.
The 108 Pagodas are located on the hills of Mount Xiakou. They stand at an elevation on the hill, forming a pyramid shape on the mountain with a garden at the base of the stupas. The tallest stupa rests at the top.
The site is Buddhist in origin. Legend has it that 108 warriors died on the site in battle and the pagodas were later built as a monument for them, with the tallest pagoda representing the commander in chief. Others speculate that the stupas are in fact a gravesite for monks.

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