Visas and Passeports

Visas and Passports

All foreigners are required to obtain a visa before entering Mainland China. The visa type for a typical tourist is the L-visa. U China Travel recommends you get your visa at least two month before your departure to avoid any unforeseen complications. 

U China Travel will not get visas for you but we will help you. After we receive the deposit, we will confirm all your hotels by sending you all hotels confirmation letters. With your around trip international flights, you can apply your visas. See below for more details and feel free to ask me any questions and advises. 

Obtaining a Chinese Visa


There are two options for securing your visa and both ways require you have your all hotels confirmation letters and round trip international flights that enter/exit China.

After your hotels and flights are booked, you can

Find your local consulates/Embassies and go prepared with the following items:

If you donate have all these documents, U China Travel can serve as your invitate and we will send you an invitation letter which you can bring to the Chinese embassy that includes your passport information as well as traveling dates.


Tibet is one of the autonomous regions of China, such as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, certain parts of Yunnan Province, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Xinjiang Hui Autonomous Region. Due to some political unrest the government requires that all foreign visitors to China must obtain a special visa to enter the autonomous region of Tibet.

Tibet Permission requires all foreigners to be escorted/guided by a registered travel agent. Independent travel is not allowed. U China Travel will get your Tibet Permission and you will receive it after your arrival in China. You will need to show it after your arrival at Lhasa Airport. Applying for Tibet Permission requires photocopies of your passport with valid picture and Chinese visa pages. The modest fee will be included in the price of your tour.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a Special Administrative Region of China since 1997, after it was handed back to China after 150 years of British colonial rule. Passport holders from most countries do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong, however if you plan on entering Hong Kong in the middle of your China trip you will be required to obtain a multiple-entry Chinese visa. If you wish to travel to Hong Kong we recommend visiting at the beginning or end of your trip.