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Backstage – create your lifelong memories

When you decide a trip, the question of budget comes up very rapidly.

Because we don’t consider you as simple clients but as unique guests instead, we always strive to bring the best quality to your travel so that you bring home a longlife experience of your trip in China. High quality is never cheap and our prices are just the reflection of our uniqueness, passion for the travel experience, our highly tailored services, our uncompromising choice for passionate guides, your fine-tuned itinerary, the selection of your hotels, restaurants ….

People know they get what they paid for it….If we lower our prices to attract more clients, they may complain about the quality and have the bitter feeling to lose their money. Our biggest concern is to make our guests happy!

So, come with me to discover the backstage of your trip and you will see all the details and special, careful attentions U China Travel team puts in the preparation of your trip as soon as we receive your request… 

Great Wall U China Travel
Climbing the Great Wall

Each guest is different and we like going deeper in their way of life. We always ask for their age and walking abilities so that we can arrange the perfect programs for them. We also ask our guests to write details about things they like, they wish to do and also things they don’t like…

We certainly propose the highest flexibility ever! Although the itinerary is already wrapped up, we are still ready for some adjustments even when the tours are running. You are free to stay longer or shorter on the sites according to your own feelings and appreciation. Definitively no rush! Because your trip also goes with holiday, we want you to travel at your own pace and all our drivers and guides follow your pace.

We are also happy to add extra things to visit if possible… 

Learning Chinese Calligraphy

By U China Travel, we know how much a guide can be the bonus of your trip or just the opposite…Whatever you have chosen a Private Tour or a Small Group Tour with us, all our local guides welcome and treat you as guests and friends. There is no place for standard languages and fake smiling!  We like to pamper our guides who also like to care about you, share their experiences and knowledge in an authentic way.

Hotels are also part of an unforgettable and fantastic traveling experience…

Our rule is to propose at least 4 star-hotels only along your trip. We also like proposing a range of different styles of hotels so that you can choose and experience different flavours of China. Hotels not only need to be fancy, they also can be cosy, charming, with a unique decoration, but always offering very good breakfasts and with an excellent location.

Unique accommodation at Jing's Residence, Pingyao
Leo U China Travel
Leo, founder of U China Travel

As soon as we travel, one of the big curiosities is the discovery of the local food. The Chinese food is very various, flavourful and tasteful but for longer trips, in addition to an high quality of local restaurants we also like suggesting some fusion food, trendy restaurants with an artistic and creative signature.

Your trip with U China Travel is totally worry-free and it is priceless! You just need to confirm your international flights, that’s all! 

We operate all our tours ourselves and your request is treated from A to Z by a unique person that makes the communication and organisation very smooth and efficient.

You are also provided with some information about your guide before your trip starts.

U China Travel, this is also an around-the-clock contact while the tour is running if any case of emergencies or something you may dislike. 

At last, there is no hidden fees and U China Travel covers the extra fees.

Watching 'Lijiang Impressions', Yunnan

Undoubtedly, our biggest purpose is to create amazing and unforgettable trips for you!

Please feel free to contact us at: info@uchinatravel.com if you want to experience China with us and be one of our happy guests….

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