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Baoguo Temple

Marking the entrance to Emeishan (Mt. Emei) is Baoguo Temple, the first temple to be built on the sacred mountain and the historic hub of Buddhist activity within the region. The temple was designed in the style of a classical Chinese courtyard, and the architecture itself pays tribute to Emeishan, with the tallest of the temple’s buildings situated closest to the mountain. Built during the Ming Dynasty, Baoguo Temple is laden with priceless Buddhist figures and architectural works painstakingly inscribed with ancient sutras, and a magnificent Ming Dynasty bell weighing over 10 tons is exhibited right at the temple gate, within a newly built pavilion. When struck, the bell reverberates with a somber clang which can be heard miles away, signaling important holidays and the start of certain religious ceremonies. Also featuring prominently within Baoguo Temple is an enormous copper tower, with over 4,700 Buddhist figures cast into the fourteen story-tall structure. Baoguo Temple has remained a religious focal point over the centuries, and many Buddhist festivals continue to be held here each year, leaving a lasting impression on migratory religious devotees and casual travelers alike.

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