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Baota Hill

One of the first things any visitor will see on a trip to Yan’an is Baota Hill, where a nine-storey pagoda stands at the peak of a hill in the southeast of the city. Built during the Tang Dynasty, the structure is approximately 44 meters (144 feet) high and standing on a hill of about 1136 meters (3727 feet).
Located near the city of Yan’an is the Loess Plateau, and the view from the top of the pagoda offers a fantastic view of the city and Plateau.
Along with the Date Garden, the Baota Hill is also a place with historic military significance. On-site are numerous historical monuments and artifacts, such as large stone inscriptions dating back to the Song Dynasty, an old city wall and an iron bell from the Ming Dynasty. The bell was used by the CCP as their clock as well as an alarm to signal intruders.

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