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Boutique Agency VS ‘Big-Daddy’ Agency of China Travel

China is a truly amazing and picturesque country that offers possibly the richest culture to this world. There is so much to see and do that it is almost impossible to navigate it if you’re not an expert. That is why many turn to China travel agencies to help decide on the best tours or to have individual tours designed for them. But there are many agencies to choose form and how can you select the one that fits YOU the best? how to pick china tour agency best In this article we wanted to highlight the main differences between boutique tour agencies in China and ‘big-daddy’s’ of travel that operate dozens of tours on a weekly basis and make it more often assembly line experience. Both for their clients as much as their guides. Let’s look at some of the main attributes a China boutique agency that offers exclusivity and more high end private guides and compare it to a bigger tour operator. All Inclusive China Travel Packages All-inclusive packages that go along with China tours is almost a standard among China travel guides. Many tours span several days which would include travel (by train, plane etc.), accommodation and even dining. Because of this, many China tours are bundled in all-inclusive packages that factor in all these additional expenses and make it easier to organize these tours. This can be a loophole for some of the agencies to market 3-star hotels as higher or include basic transportation all of which helps a higher mark up on the entire tour. While some things, like hotels, you can check on booking.com for yourself there are other things that would require more research. UChinaTravel deals with many couples and families where comfort and experience of the trip itself matters just as much as expert knowledge on China travel and its attractions. We offer transparency and give freedom to our clients to choose various trip set ups, be that in style or on budget. Most of our hotels are either good 4-star quality or luxury. travel china tours A boutique tour agency would take your inquiries and adjustments to the trip itinerary even after the trip is booked, something bigger agencies do not practice. Our complete and comprehensive China travel packages is more than just a sightseeing spot + transportation and accommodation included. We offer such things as visit to off the beaten path routes, interaction with locals, water cruises, comfy dinner settings for romantic couples, access to world famous shows, ability to pause the trip at a spot that captivates you and re-route your entire tour. Network of Local Expert Guides Escorted China tours calls for a great tour guide. Many agencies definitely have experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. UChinaTravel takes this a bit further. Our tours are executed almost exclusively by local travel guides in those areas of China that you travel to. As a boutique agency we take on less tours per day giving both our tour guides and our clients the ability to experience China at a relaxed pace; something bigger agencies where one-size-fits-all can’t offer. Custom Itineraries with extra activities chin_travel_guided_local_river Since we rely on a network of local guides, you can expect them to customize a really interesting travel itinerary for you, in case you wish to deviate from original paths of our classic tours. So you’ll get a unique and memorable, not mainstream and touristy only, experience of China travel. We offer you to explore China by visiting remote countryside, attending one of the top rated acrobatics show in Shanghai (Era), a chance to get a very unique view of China by traveling to Shanghai French Concession or Jewish synagogues and explore China on a water by going to water town, dubbed China’s Venice. These are just few examples of how custom we can go to support your China travel. Quality Dining fine dining view bejing tours Culinary is an experience in its own and in China it’s really special. We make sure that all our multi-day China tours offer more than just a quick bite. We pick some of the best restaurants in China. For example, our 12-day China tour includes fine dining in two quite famous local restaurants. DaDong created by a restaurant entrepreneur Dong Zhenxiang, inducted in a Beijing Hall of Fame. And Dali Courtyard, mentioned in top 10 Spots to visit in Beijing by Time. Many 5-star Trip Advisor reviews of restaurants UChinaTravel offers is another great testament to our dedication to making your trip to China unforgettable. Press Pause Occasionally, struck by a beauty of a specific place, some tourists, especially couples, would want to prolong they stay in that specific spot. Just tell your guide you want to make a change in your route and we will adjust your tour itinerary in real time accommodating your preference. Something only boutique agencies like UChinaTravel can offer. These are some of the main things to consider when preparing for your China trip. We hope this guide as helpful and learn more on how UChinaTravel can support your trip please check our tours here.
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