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Camel Treking on Mingsha Sand Dunes (Sunset)

Climb atop a camel as you set out across the magnificent Mingsha Sand Dunes, towering resolutely over the surrounding landscape. Most days, the dunes gently hum as a breeze runs across the surface, lightly vibrating the shifting sands. When the wind picks up, this gentle hum can gradually crescendo into a thunderous roar, and it was for this reason that, hundreds of years ago, Marco Polo dubbed the Mingsha Sand Dunes the “rumbling sands”. While the sand comprising the dunes slowly shift and swell according to weather conditions, your camel was born from these treacherous conditions, and you will be able to trust your surefooted ride to navigate you through safely even as the sun sets, throwing warm shades of orange and purple across the windswept desert.

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