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China National Museum

Following an extensive three-year renovation, China’s National Museum has finally reopened in its original location along the east side of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. The renovation included an expansion, bringing the museum’s size to a whopping 191,900 square meters distributed over 49 exhibition halls, placing it in contest for one of the world’s largest museums.

The museum boasts a collection of more than 1 million relics spanning China’s extensive history, with pieces dating back as far as 3,500 years. Its two permanent exhibitions include one dedicated to the history of ancient China, and one documenting Chinese history following the Opium Wars of 1840. Museum curators also have plans to host an array of special exhibitions documenting Chinese art including bronze, porcelain, jade, ink painting, calligraphy and Ming and Qing dynasty furniture.

Besides exhibitions, the museum will hold various public functions, as well as conduct archeological research and host educational functions for the public. Curators also hope to host cultural exchanges with other museums.

With its official public opening slated to take place on March 16th, the museum will welcome 3,000 visitors daily, 2,000 of which are attending as groups, and 1,000 of which hold individual tickets.

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