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Chinese Sturgeon Museum

Located in the city of Yichang on the island of Huangpo River, the Chinese Sturgeon Museum serves as a vital research and preservation base for this ancient and important species of fish.
With over 27 species of sturgeon in existence, the Chinese sturgeon is native to the Yangtze River. The species is over 140 million years old and one of the oldest types of fish still in existence today.
A Chinese Sturgeon Research Center opened in 1982 following the Genzhou Dam Project. Over a decade later, the Center constructed and opened a Sturgeon Museum to the public. Numerous tanks are displayed with the native Chinese sturgeon and other sturgeon species, including the rare Russian sturgeon. There are also a variety of fish and aquatic animals. Soon a breeding base will be open for public observation.
The Research Center has proven to be successful in the preservation of this unique species of fish in China.

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