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Ci Qi Kou Ancient Village

This ancient village was also known as “Little Chongqing”. The village gained popularity in the Ming Dynasty when it was a trading post for porcelain, also giving it the name of “Porcelain Port”. Covering an area of 1.18 square kilometers (0.46 sq. miles), Ci Qi Kou is ideally located. Being on the western bank of Chongqing’s Jialing River and surrounded by the three mountains of Fenghuang, Jinbi and Mount Ma’an, the local population consider it to have the perfect “feng shui”.
Ci Qi Kou’s numerous narrow alleyways are great to wander in and shop for local handicrafts, porcelain and a variety of snacks. There’s also a 1,500 year old Buddhist temple located at the base of the mountain, serving as a recluse from the shopping streets and restaurants .
The village is one of the best places in Chongqing to experience the infamous dish of “hot pot”. Douban fish is also a local specialty. It’s a great day trip while on a stopover in Chongqing.

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