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Coal Museum of China

Taiyuan has always been a city rich in coal resources; it’s use dates back as far as the year 900. It’s been a vital industrial resource in Shanxi province for centuries. This one of a kind museum in the city displays the history of coal in Taiyuan throughout the years. It’s the only museum in China which depicts the history of coal in the country.
The area has seven exhibition halls used to explain and for visitors to explore the use of coal in Shanxi province. On display throughout the exhibitions is everything from a variety of historical relics, different specimens of coal, to a painting exhibition. The painting exhibition consists of a series of ancient wall paintings, some dating back 2,000 years. They are specific to Shanxi province and this exhibit would be of interest to anyone interested in ancient Shanxi and Chinese art. 
There is also a research centre located next to the museum, which was opened to study sustainable and safe coal production. There’s a 4D theatre in the museum and an exhibition entitled the “A Tour to the Coal Sea”, where at the end of the museum tour includes a mock-up of a coal mine and visitors can participate in activities like digging for coal.
The Coal Museum is located a short drive from the downtown area of Taiyuan. It is a good place to visit before or after a visit to the Twin Pagoda Temple.

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