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Come celebrate the magic of the Chinese New Year!

Witnessing the celebrations of festivals in China is a great way to experience and understand the vibrant culture of the people. When planning for your trip, why not schedule it during the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in China. It typically takes place in the end of January and beginning of February, with its exact date determined by the Lunar Calendar.

You probably think that any places will be overcrowded, right? And you probably think it is more expensive to travel in China during the Chinese New Year? U China Travel has already welcomed a lot of guests in the past during Chinese New Year and you will quickly understand that there is no foundation to your fears and worries. And actually, there are many good reasons to travel in China during the Chinese New Year

As it is the family reunion season, people are not traveling within the country. The hotels are not in high demand and the prices proposed at this period of the year are the low season prices. You may just expect busy trains for your domestic transfers but as U China Travel team has booked your trip and all your tickets several months in advance, you can be totally worry-free! Now you are reassured that the logistic goes smooth and you won’t pay the highest prices, let’s have a look on your entertainment program! 

During the Chinese New Year, you can see and enjoy more things and festivities than ever! 

All the Chinese are within their families, the sightseeings are no longer an attraction for them and you will enjoy the privilege to discover all the historical sites quietly. The Chinese New Year is also the great occasion to visit local fairs only open at this period of the year. You will enjoy traditional food specialities, all different from one city to another one.

Winter also gives you another feeling about the natural landscape and historical sites and if by chance there is no lack of snow, all the sceneries will be magical and outstanding. Among these sceneries, we particularly think of the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Wild Goose Pagoda, the Xian City Wall, Pingyao Ancient City, the Hanging Temple, Qincheng mountain, the Yellow mountains with Hong Cun village.

U China Travel
Great Wall of China in snow
U China Travel
Huangshan in winter
Forbidden City covered with snow

For the snow lovers and those who want to experience the coldness and the magic of a true winter, you have some must-see cities in the north of China like Harbin well known for its ice sculptures. Siberian tigers, ice lantern festival are also part of your discoveries. And for the most sportive, skiing in Yabuli is also an option with the Club Med ski resort.

Ice sculptures in Harbin

Chinese New Year is of course a time of celebration! You can catch fireworks, beautiful decoration, lanterns…they are everywhere! Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong have certainly the most beautiful fireworks.

The Chinese New Year celebrations end on the 15th day of the first month. This day is also marks the Lantern Festival, when you can catch beautiful lanterns decorating the streets and stores in China. These lanterns are hung for the whole month and even longer….

Red Lanterns to usher in Chinese New Year
Lantern for Chinese New Year

You can also enjoy joyful Chinese New Year music, Lion and Dragon dances. 

Certainly, dragons and lions are two of the most symbolic animals in the Chinese culture. Meant to bring good luck and good fortune, these characteristic creatures cannot go a miss in any Chinese New Year party. Besides the good auguries, walkabout Chinese and fill any celebration with colour and energy. The performers behind these majestic costumes not only liven up any celebration with some traditional dances but they also provide a stunning photo opportunity. They are some of the first Chinese themed entertainment options that come to mind when we speak about Chinese cultural acts, and they definitely never fail to impress.

U China Travel
Dragon dance
U China Travel
Lion dance

Despite the frenzy of the Chinese New Year, you will still feel a very personalized and dedicated service from our team.

Indeed, instead of being within their families to celebrate the Chinese New Year, our local guides, our drivers are happy to accompany and guide you along your trip. You are more than ever their guests and they are fully dedicated to you!  

The Chinese New Year takes place on the 5th and 6th of February 2019 (the Pig Year) and it is just the right time to book your trip if you want to enjoy the magic of this festival. Check out what one of our guests has to say about her great experience with the Chinese New Year sights and sounds! – https://bit.ly/2Q6CwZt 

If you have any particular requests regarding all these festivities, please feel free to contact us at: info@uchinatravel.com

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