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Delicious Cosplay with a 200 pound model

The Chinese messaging app, Wechat, has troves of treasure within. It’s a little like Facebook and Whatsapp rolled into one. As with Facebook, interesting articles float by, and this is one such article that has caught our attention. It’s about a lady who uses food and everyday items for cosplay, and we’ll like to share it with you 🙂

Article is translated from https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/DO0Mp_X6_6BgpO4EePz8sg

A plump girl at 155cm (5ft) in height, Sine’s heaviest weight was 200 pounds (90kg). 3 years ago, she made clothes with eggs, durians and shrimps, imitating the stars through cosplay and then eventually eating up the clothes. To date, she has imitated more than 150 stars, including Rihanna, Taylor Swift and as well as China’s Mengmeng Yao, Gu Tianle and Joey Yung.

With her innovative and funny style, she’s extremely popular in Asia. While still a student, she’s already making 20,000 RMB (USD$2907) per month. The stars she has imitated praised her, and some have extended an invitation to events. In a world of ‘skinny’, she has her own thoughts, “I love girls with slim figures, but I have never thought of dieting. I would rather be a happy fat person, than to miss out on food!” 

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I am Sine. I am 23 years old, and now live with my family in a small city in central Thailand. Three years ago, I began to imitate all kinds of fun people and things, including more than 150 stars. 

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I used fertilizer bags, spoons, peppers, and prawns to imitate the heroine in the Chinese TV series "The Raiders", Wei Wei
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I used bottles of seasoning, wire brushes and bath towels to imitate Rihanna.
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Tin foil and soy sauce bottles for American singer Taylor Swift’s dress.
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Pepper and cabbage made me a little mermaid.
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A combination of green vegetables and roasting pots was used to imitated this skirt of Fan Bingbing.
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This is the hairstyle and necklace I made with grilled ribs and sausage.
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Traditional Thai headwear with a kettle and snacks.
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Combining dried fruits to become the flowers of Takashi Murakami.


I was a fat girl since I was a child, and snacks were always at hand. But I like to look pretty and loved to dress myself when I was young. I think that beauty doesn’t mean being thin. Three years ago, I opened a fashion store in the city, specializing in large-size clothing to the plump girls like me. But the business was very bleak. And I was wondering if it was possible to do something so more people would pay attention to my store?

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My first imitation was the Hollywood star Chloe Moretz, I imitated her in vest shorts and blue flip flops. As there wasn’t many unique points about this imitation, I didn’t get any attention for this.

I love to eat. In addition to three meals a day, I also eat a variety of snacks, cakes, pearl milk tea. Food is my favourite, so I thought that it would be better to wear them as part of the clothes. 

30 packs of prawn crackers made me famous overnight!

At the Cannes Film Festival 2016, Thailand’s first-line female celebrity Chompoo Araya attended the Cannes Film Festival in France. On the red carpet, Araya wore a coral-colored cake skirt. Her style is so beautiful that it caused a sensation in Thailand. I also like this dress very much and wanted to try to imitate her style.

When brainstorming for materials, the first thing I thought of was the shrimp crackers! My grandmother’s family is in the business and so I am familiar with this kind of food. Its color is very similar to Araya’s skirt, and it can also give a fluffy feeling.

So, I asked my grandmother to ask for a lot of prawn crackers. I bought dozens of transparent plastic bags from the market and put the prawn crackers into the bags one by one. I made more than 30 bags.

In order to make the layering of the skirt, my family and I spent a whole day stringing these prawn pieces with rope and tape, and finally I wore them.

As usual, I posted photos of the finished work on Facebook and Instagram. Unexpectedly, there were thousands of people who gave praises and shared my post. Someone sent me a message, saying that the imitation was very similar, and that he would share it with Araya.

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Sine imitates Araya's presence at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in France

What surprised me the most was that Araya shared this picture! Later, I also got her invitation to attend an event with her. At the event, I wore this prawn cracker skirt and took a photo with her. I was so happy! These 30 packs of prawn cracker can be said to be a turning point in my life. This style made me popular overnight, and netizens gave me my nickname “Prawn Cracker Girl”. 

Since 3 years ago, I have been consistent on doing an imitation model every week.

Usually, I will learn about the trending stars in the fashion magazines or online, discover them at an awards ceremony or fashion blockbuster, and then conduct the necessary research.

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Most of the materials I use to make shapes are foods such as lettuce, chicken, shrimp, durian, small potato chips, and so on. The other common material is daily necessities or groceries at home, like spoons, hangers, plastic bags, toilet brushes, and so on. Usually, I match different materials based on the elements and colours of the costumes in the photo.

I go to the vegetable market at least once a week to purchase the right materials. I have gone so many times the vendors know me. They will take the initiative to ask me what clothes I want to do and will even research with me to choose which materials.

Low-cost imitations require creativity and thoughtfulness. Being able to use the cheapest, most common things to create a superstar look always makes people laugh.

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Sometimes I will eat the materials while making them, because I can't control my mouth.

When everything is done, my family helps me take pictures. They are very supportive. As for the extra ingredients, I will eat it with my family or give it to my neighbours. Daily items will be put away, until the next time I need it.

I haven’t graduated yet, and I am doing this as a part-time job while studying at university. Since my imitations are well-known, I have gained a lot of different job opportunities and have even became a food show host for TV stations. My current monthly income is about 50,000 to 100,000 baht (about 10,000 to 20,000 yuan). For a college student, it is quite impressive! It also provides an opportunity to enter the entertainment circle.

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Most netizens encouraged me to say that I was very creative. Of course, there are also some negative comments, saying that my figure is ugly.

My height is only 155cm. My heaviest time was 8 months ago, when my weight was almost 200 pounds.

Although I was very fat, I was still very confident at the time, and I didn’t think about dieting. I want to exercise to lose weight and slowly get rid of my lazy habits.

Of course, I still like to watch girls with slim bodies, especially some Chinese female stars, who are very beautiful. But I am a person who loves to eat! I won’t give up my favourite cakes and desserts for the sake of being slim; I would rather choose to be a joyful fat girl and be happy every day!


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