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Dongzhulin Monastery

Just a few hours from Shangri-La along the Yunnan-Tibet Road, in Shusong Village in Deqin County lies this Tibetan Buddhist Temple from the 17th century. The earliest name for the temple was “the temple by the crane lake” or “Chongchongcuogang Temple” and was later changed to Dongzhulin. The structure is mostly made of earth and wood. The most recent reconstruction process took place in the mid 1980s. Dongzhulin stands at 3,000 meters above sea level behind Baimang (also known as Baima) Snow Mountain. The structure sits across the Jinsha River Gorge of the Yangtze River.
The main building consists of four floors and the entire area can hold up to 2,000 people; originally built to house a large number of monks. Statues of three Buddhist saints were erected at the entrance of the main building: The Holy Tsongkhapa with his two followers, Damarenqing and Kezhujie stand on either side. The first floor serves as a prayer hall, with the chanting hall and prayer rooms for the senior monks on the second and third floor. There are over 100 meditation halls, and the monks residences are located on the sides of the building. Adorning the walls are various coloured Tangka paintings, which is a typical Tibetan Buddhist style painting of a deity on a piece of cotton or silk.

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