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Dukezong Ancient Town

This is the original old town of Shangri-La. It is also known as Dorkhar in Tibetan.
While over half of the old town was destroyed in a fire back in January of 2014, the re-construction process took place shortly after. Many locals had to the relocated, however the reconstruction process was sustainable and it recaptured the look of the previous city. The infamous dancing in the middle of Square Street still remains a valued tradition and great experience for anyone who visits the town. There are still souvenir shops and cobblestone streets, and Dukezong still stands out as a more unique city in Yunnan province. A few blocks from Square Street is a large Tibetan-style prayer wheel where visitors enjoy spinning and making good wishes.
A lot of the buildings, even though rebuilt after the fire are designed Tibetan style. The shops, guesthouses and cafes offer a peaceful and scenic view with the mountains serving as a backdrop. Visiting Dukezong is the closest way to get to Tibet without entering the Tibetan Autonomous Region.
Visitors can stay overnight or take an afternoon to explore the town on the way to Deqin County or any sites of western Yunnan. The town gets chilly, especially in the evening due to it’s high elevation. It’s usually recommended to bring a sweater,  a light hat and gloves even in the early summer months. While only an hour and a half drive from the Tiger Leaping Gorge and a few hours from Lijiang, the temperature is much colder with an average of 10-18 degrees celsius.

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