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Exclusive Essentials China Tour for 1st time travelers

If you are planning to embark on a China travel, especially for the 1st time, opting for a comprehensive tour of the top sightseeing spots in the most popular cities is the best way to go.


Having been providing escorted China tours for over a decade, UChinaTravel knows its way around the country. We specialize in providing high quality service to our clients who value exclusivity and personal attention that of a boutique tour agency.

We designed a detailed travel itinerary for those coming to China for the 1st time.

We took into account that you may want to do more than sightseeing, such as enjoy romantic sunsets, taste delicious food at top restaurants and have a personalized attention of a dedicated private guide. If that is how you want to experience China for the 1st time then read on!

China you know

Google anything about top China attractions and the things that always come up are:

The Great Wall of China, of course (that thing can be seen in a space shuttle!)

View from Top of the Yellow Mountain
View from Top of the Yellow Mountain

The Forbidden City in Beijing aka the largest imperial palace in the world and ode to Chinese culture and architectural sophistication

Summer Palace in Beijing a gorgeous and relaxing park perfect for romantic getaway and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Terracotta Army in Xi’an is easily one of the most unique museums you’ll ever visit

Li River in Guilin is simply breathtaking. Breathtaking!

The Bund in Shanghai is a perfect mix of old and new and what China stands for


China Travel with Modern Touch

Travel to China is a truly unforgettable experience as the country is packed with rich cultural and architectural wonders and breathtaking natural landscapes.

That said, these two modern additions to Chinese scenery are worth mentioning and that why we included it in our tour.

Olympic Stadium aka Bird’s Nest, is a 2008 creation and can be an interesting mix up up to all the ancient and cultural sightseeing spots China tourists always visit. Designed to host ’08 Olympic Games it’s now now used for large scale and high level sports events.

Currently, 5th tallest building in the world, Shanghai World Financial Center is definitely an experience of its own. Its observational deck offers views at 1,555 ft and is a great place to take pictures. You’ll find the place packed with several observational decks, shopping malls and restaurants with a view to die for.

To get a deeper dive into best China sightseeing spots and explore top essentials of China travel please visit 12-day Classic China Essentials Tour page.


Travel China Exclusively

We believe travel is more than just simply ticking boxes of top attractions of a particular place. That is why our tours include the following:

china escorted tours book couple

  • rare and remote beautiful areas off the beaten path
  • completely relaxed and non rushed pace of touring with ability to make adjustments to the route in real time
  • water cruises and water town dubbed the ‘Venice of China’ touring
  • outstanding culinary experience at top China restaurants with ability to select meals
  • personalized attention of top local guides with perfect English

fine dining view bejing tours

As mentioned, we’ve designed this tour to cater to the most demanding travelers and their needs.
You can be sure to see everything that is most notable to see in China in terms of attractions: touristy and non-touristy spots, country scenery, breathtaking views and landscapes of lakes and mountains, colonial era architecture and more modern but unique creations.
With us you can rely on attentive local travel guides, outstanding culinary experience as we pick only top rated restaurants, and a great individual service you can expect only from a boutique travel agency in China.

Those looking to take advantage of the tour described about check out our 12-day Classic China Essentials Tour for more detail. It offers all the top China attractions spanning 12 days in 4 major cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai.

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