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Five Springs Park

This huge “park” is located in the Gaolan Mountain range, just south of Lanzhou. Also known as the Five Springs Mountain, it is the city’s largest park and situated at the northwest of Mount Gaolan.
The area gets its name from the mountain springs which, according to legend, took shape over two thousand years ago during the Western Han Dynasty. A well-known general at the time was on a journey from Xi’an with his troops and eventually landed at the foot of Gaolan Mountain. Without water, the general struck his horse whip five times to the ground and soon after, water began to gush out of five different springs in the mountain. The names of the five springs are Meng, Hui, Ganlu, Juyue and Mozi.
The Middle Peak is the park’s highest point at 1,600 metres. It’s located between the Meng and Hui springs. There are a few temples in the area worth visiting, including Mani Temple, a Tibetan place of worship located in the Ganlu Spring. The most  beautiful of the five springs is said to be the Juyue Spring, meaning “holding the moon with two hands”.
The mountain can get cold in the winter and the most ideal times to visit are during the spring and autumn months, which are typically the best seasons in China for hiking.

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