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Gao Miao

Located in the north of the city of Zhongwei, this is one of the more notable sites in the area. The name literally translates as “High Temple”. The temple has a mix of Daoist, Buddhist and Confucian influences and even some Christian themes thrown in. The temple is about 170 kilometres south of Yinchuan. The temple is mostly made of wood and originally built during the Ming Dynasty and reconstructed a few centuries later during the Qing Dynasty.
Gao Miao Temple consists of approximately 250 rooms in total with a variety of statues, towers and pavilions on site. Be sure to visit the Hell room, a quirky depiction of what Hell might look like. The room was once used as an underground hideaway during the revolution. There is a Jade Emperor, Gautama Buddha and a statue of the Holy Mother on the temple grounds.

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