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Great Wall at Mutianyu with Cable Car or Toboggan

Located just 80 kilometers from Beijing’s city center in Huairu County is the longest restored, accessible section of the Great Wall. Mutianyu stretches 22 kilometers and is composed of solid slabs of granite, gravel, and earth reaching 8 meters at its highest point and 5 meters at its widest span. A series of 22 watchtowers spaced approximately 1-kilometer apart mark this run of the Great Wall. Constructed first in the Qi Dynasty (550-577), Mutianyu was rebuilt in 1568 and remains in that condition today. Stunning views in all directions make it a perfect location to experience the Great Wall. You will take the Cable car up to the Great Wall and walk about 8 towers alone the Great Wall then take the Toboggan down. This is most fun part of visiting this section of Great Wall.

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