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Green Lake Park

For the people of Yunnan, Green Lake Park holds within its lush landscape the telling vision of spring. It is believed that the first signs of spring can be found at Green Lake Park because of the diligent nature of Yunnan’s seasonal changes.

The park was created on what was once a marshland during the late Yuan Dynasty (1277-1367). Several of the gardens that once grew in the area were vegetable gardens, thus earning it the name “Vegetable Lake”. Rice fields and lotus ponds were also abundant in the surrounding area.

The lake is also commonly referred to as “Nine Dragon Pond.” According to one legend, the lake was formed when the water from 9 separate wells joined together. During the Ming Dynasty, Green Lake and the land surrounding it became a part of the city according to new zones that were imposed. Upon encompassing the park within the city’s walls, the residents of Kunming began to build pavilions, buildings, and platforms in the middle of the lake.

Within the lake three bridges cross a dike that runs from north to south; the Bridge of Listening Warbler, Swallow Bridge, and Lotus Bridge.

The lake has often been the inspirational subject of versus of famous poetry throughout history. The depiction of changing seasons at Green Lake is a very popular subject in Chinese literature and painting.

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