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Gubeikou Great Wall

This section of the Great Wall is located in Miyun County of Beijing, about 120 kilometers outside of the city. The area has historically been a military base, strategically set to protect Beijing and the rest of China from Mongol invaders in ancient times. A fort was built on this area of the wall approximately 2,500 years ago and it was used throughout China’s many dynasties to defend the capital city. The main section of Gubeikou, accessible to visitors today was built under the rule of Xu Da, a general who served during the Ming Dynasty. The wall extends over 20 kilometers and is divided into four sections; Wohushan, Panlongshan, Jinshanling and Simatai. There is a total of 143 towers at Gubeikou. The towers vary in size and shape and are all two floors high. There’s a variety of flat, arched, domed and octagonal ceilings. The sizes range from towers which can accommodate from 100 to about 10 soldiers.
Geographically, Gubeikou links the north and southern areas of Yanghshan, a winding range from east to west stopping at Gubeikou. A narrow passage is formed after this, with Chaohe River and Wohu Mountain on one side and the Panlong Mountains on the other.

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