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Haidilao Hot Pot

Any visit to China isn’t complete without enjoying some hotpot. It’s a shabu-shabu type of meal that includes a yummy broth and a variety of vegetables and meats ready for cooking and dipping. The flavour and ingredients in the broth vary from region to region.
Haidilao, a popular hot pot restaurant chain has numerous locations throughout Beijing. They service their hot pot in the spiciest “Sichuan style”, native to western China.
Haidilao’s service is extensive and they are a well-known restaurant in the city for it. Going beyond polite and good service, there’s a “noodle show” where some waiters hand pull noodles (the traditional way to make noodles) right at your table. If there’s a long wait or line-up, there’s a nail station to get a manicure while you wait for dinner.

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