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Happy 2019 to Everyone!

Leo Chu


Hi everyone, 

2019 is a very special year for U China Travel as it is its 10th anniversary! Along these 10 years, I have constantly and proudly stuck to my travel philosophy which is to offer very authentic, long life memory tours avoiding touristy spots, restaurants, shops and give our guests the chance to travel at their own pace, off the beaten tracks with their friendly and high quality drivers and guides… So far, we have hosted about 1200 guests and since 2012 we have had 160 very gratifying reviews in the Trip Advisor. It is maybe not a big amount for 6 years but it matches our philosophy: we definitively don’t want to be the biggest but we want to provide the highest quality to make each of our guests happy with unforgettable times in China.

More than a very special year, 2019 is also a very exciting year for several reasons!  

We are creating a luxury offer, the exclusive collection of U China Travel with even more exclusive services like a private guiding tour of some exhibitions and museums, helicopter rides, special treats along your trip….

Our “Small group Tours” are now totally wrapped up with beautifully selected itineraries. While choosing a “Small group Tour” and opting to discover China with other like-minded travellers, you can enjoy the same level of travel quality but at lesser price.

Along this new year, we will propose you a more and more filled Blog with articles of very various interests and topics. Have a read ! Some are full of surprises and discoveries !

Last but not least, environment conscious and in respect of our Planet, our common Home, I want to bring my contribution in its protection.  We will provide some non-plastic bags, bottles you can refill and eco friendly useful items along the tours …. 

Indeed, in respect of what our logo represents, the Chinese pavilion must remain the best place to contemplate the beauties of my country.

So stay tuned with us and have a prosperous 2019 !

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