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Helanshan Mountain

In the area bordering Inner Mongolia and the autonomous region of Ningxia is the Helan mountain range. It is one of the more significant mountain ranges in northern China and offers great opportunities for adventure travel and hiking. Stretching from north to south, the Helanshan mountain extend over 200 kilometres with the highest peak at 3,556 metres. The closest cities to the mountain are Yinchuan and Shizuishan to the east.
The gorge on the northern part of the mountain, which served as a link between the north and south end, became home to a large concentration of rock art on Mount Helan. It’s historic aspects were mostly shaped by nomads passing through the Silk Road. Most of them are said to be mainly shamans and the art serves as a representation of the culture and customs of the time.
Helanshan Mountain was once a place of sacrifice and offering by the nomadic population. Some of the rock art dates back over 6,000 years and some of the art is estimated to date back 10,000 years. While the rock art is scattered along the mountain range of Helan, most of the carvings are in the Helankou or the “Helan Gorge” area.
There has been a recent rise in the interest of eastern wines grown from Ningxia grapes grown near the mountain.

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