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Located on the eastern side of China in the south of Anhui province, Huangshan is a popular stop on any trip to China. It’s one of the best spots on the east coast of China for numerous reasons. There are plenty of sites for the history and nature lover. The city of Huangshan is home to one of China’s most iconic and picturesque mountains, handfuls of well-preserved Huizhou villages as well as one of eastern China’s largest bamboo forests.
The villages such as Hongcun as well as parts of Mount Huang are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many sections of Mount Huang offer sightings of rare flora and fauna. On any wander through the area’s many villages, visitors will see that the locals still speak in the traditional Anhui dialect and a lot of their ancient way of life has been preserved.
The word Huangshan translates as “Yellow Mountain”, referring to the mountain range that has inspired poets throughout history and in recent times been an ideal subject for photographers. Huangshan offers a little something for any traveler on a journey through eastern China.

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