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Hukou Waterfall

The Yellow River flows through Mainland China and is the largest and most important river in China. The Hukou Waterfall-China’s second largest waterfall and the Yellow River’s largest fall, is located on the border of Shaanxi and Shanxi province to the east. The Qilangwo Bridge stands at the base of the Hukou falls, connecting the two provinces. Either side offers unique views of this scenic spot.
The falls drop over 20 meters, and it’s width alters between 30-50 meters from low to flood season. Don’t miss the shining stone below the waterfall, also known as guishi, which can be seen at different points from low to high water level. The word “hukou” translates as “kettle spot”, which appropriately describes the strength of the waterfall at full force in the spring months after the snow melts.
Located approximately 50 kilometers east of Yichuan in Yanan, the Hukou Waterfall has become easily accessible in recent years. It is a notable scenic area and becoming an increasingly popular place to visit on any trip to central China. The ideal times to experience the falls are in the late spring or early fall, with the summer being too hot and the water volume being too low in the winter months.

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