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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Just 15k north of Lijiang’s Ancient City you will find the dramatically staggered landscape of Jade Dragon Mountain. The stunning natural formation is famously regarded for its many attractions including the Spruce Platform, White Water River, Sweet Lake, and Sera Forest.

The mountain stands at the southernmost point of the equator on the northern hemisphere and is defined as a modern maritime glacier. Its peak, known’s as Fan Bluff, towers above the grotesque landscape at 5,596m above sea level. Thirteen surrounding peaks compose an astounding vista resembling a giant flying dragon stretching from south to north against the clear blue sky. The snow that indefinitely caps the steep peaks emits a crystal glow during the winter. The scenery at Jade Dragon Mountain promises a unique natural beauty that varies as the seasons change.

The collection of peaks was formed during a geological shift that occurred over 65 million years ago. The same natural shift was responsible for forming the Himalaya’s and the Qingha-Tibet Plateau. Prior to this occurrence, geologists believe the area that is now Jade Dragon Mountain was once an ocean, under water for nearly 400million years.

The area is home to countless species of rare plants and animals, serving as a sanctuary for over 400 types of trees and 30 different types of animals that are protected by the state. The various species exist at different altitudes and temperatures levels throughout the mountain’s diverse landscape.

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