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Jingtai Stone Forest

While the Stone Forest in Kunming is a popular site in Yunnan province, there is also a noteworthy and elevated set of stone rock structures just north of that in Gansu province. Located about 100 kilometres outside of the capital city of Lanzhou, the Stone Forest is appropriately named the Yellow River Stone Forest; noting it’s slightly yellow colour and proximity to one of the country’s main rivers. It has been recently named a Geopark. The area of the site is approximately 50 square kilometres. It is said the unique shape of the stone forest was formed over 2 million years ago through weathering and erosion.
Natural nearby highlights include the Yellow River, the surrounding Longwan Oasis as well as the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.
There is also a “scenic area” where visitors can travel to the main area of the Stone Forest site via motor boat, a raft made of sheepskin, and even by carriage or a donkey ride.
Go earlier in the day to the Jingtai Stone Forest to avoid the crowds. A visit to the forest takes the better part of the day and is a popular trip from Lanzhou. The most ideal times to visit are the early summer and fall months.

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