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Lamma Island

A sleepy retreat from the endless hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s urban Jungle, Lamma Island has not changed much since its origins as a tranquil fishing village. With the exception of fire trucks, ambulances and construction vehicles, Lamma Island is empty of automobiles, and transportation on the island is mainly limited to bicycles and old-fashioned foot traffic. The island’s untarnished natural backdrop is unfettered by skyscrapers due to Lamma Island’s prohibition of buildings taller than three stories, and visitors to the island are presented with a uniquely peaceful escape. Lamma Island is renowned for its countless hiking trails, an regardless of whether you are looking for a relaxing post-dinner stroll or an adrenaline-filled bouldering adventure, Lamma’s unique landscape has a fitting route for everyone. As far as food options go, Sok Kwu Wan is the main strip on the island, and this bustling street is lined with seafood restaurants busy cooking up the catch of the day. Feel free to browse the offerings here or set out for a barbecue along Lo Shing Beach, just a short ten-minute walk from the main strip.

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