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LAN Club

For a mind-bending dining experience unlike any other, look no further than LAN Club, where expat trendsetters mingle with Chinese power brokers in the most surreal dining environment imaginable. Occupying an enormous space within the LG Twin Towers, LAN is a quixotic combination of restaurant, nightclub and madhouse which defies description. Guests can choose between LAN’s restaurant, a live entertainment lounge, an oyster bar, a cocktail bar, a cigar room, or one of the establishment’s 45 private VIP rooms. The decor alternates between chic and subdued facades to elaborate candelabras and Renaissance-style paintings hang upside down from the ceilings. While the furnishings may not suit everyone’s taste, LAN’s dishes are thoughtfully designed and well cooked. Whether guests choose to sample the restaurant’s Chinese delicacies, such as Peking duck or Tibetan Saffron Broth, or opt for hearty Western option, such as Australian steak with black pepper sauce, there is something for everyone at LAN.

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