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Gansu is one of the most remote and least-explored provinces in China. Inside this small and narrow province are mountains, highland plateaus and a section of the Gobi desert. Located just east of the Tibetan region and south of Inner Mongolia, there is a lot to see in Gansu.
Its capital city is Lanzhou. With a population of over 3.5 million people Lanzhou is also Gansu’s largest city. Located in the south west of the province, it has served as an important hub between central China and the extended regions of the country. Lanzhou was once a main stop on the ancient Silk Road as well as the Russian-Chinese highway. Lanzhou is a big transport capital and it’s main source of water is from the Yellow River. Lanzhou’s close proximity to the Yellow River also makes it a useful connection between the west of China and the rest of the country.
The history of Lanzhou dates back to before the 6th century B.C. It became the capital of Gansu province during the Qing Dynasty. It continues to be a growing industrial city with lots of minerals and it serves as a collecting post for agricultural resources.
On a stop through the city, there are a few interesting spots to visit to keep anyone busy for a day or two including Wuquan mountain, the Xiguan Mosque and the Zhongshan Bridge.

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