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Li River

At the heart of Guilin’s mystical and beautiful scenery is the Li River, originating from the northeast in the Mao’er Mountain in Xin’an County.  The river travels 437 km from the mountain, through Guilin, and eventually making its way to meet the Xi River in Wuilin.  The Li River is surrounded by endless amounts of breathtaking cliffs, caves, and hills, thus making it one of the most attractive scenery in all of China.  Of particular interest to artists, locals, and travelers alike is the 83-km long waterway between Guilin and Yangshou,,.  It is known to be so spectacular, having inspired artistic masterpieces throughout the centuries that one cannot imagine its existence.
Seeing and experiencing the Li River from a cruise boat is something that all travelers will never forget.  Every turn, at every bend brings to life a beautiful Chinese landscape painting.   The towering soft shaped cliffs hug the river throughout the journey as you enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze.  From the deck you can see Elephant Trunk Hill, known as this because the shape of the hill looks like an elephant drinking from the river, it is regarded as the symbol of Guilin.
A journey on the Li River is not to be missed.  Not only is it arguably one of the most beautiful scenery in all of China, but that of the world.

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