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Mengshan Buddha

Being one of the ancient capital cities of north China, Taiyuan served as an important centre for Buddhism in the country for centuries. Shanxi province’s Mount Meng, or Mengshan, houses the world’s second largest stone structure of a Buddha. It’s also known as the West Hill Giant Buddha. The site opened to the public in 2008 following the reconstruction of the Buddha head, as the stone structure was discovered in the 1980s without a head.
While the Leshan Buddha in Sichuan province is a more popular site when it comes to Buddha statues, the amount of visitors to the Mengshan Buddha has been growing recently. It is older than it’s Sichuan counterpart, with carvings dating back to the Northern Wei Dynasty around the year 500.
Located about 20 kilometres from the city centre, this Buddha faces south and rests on a hilltop of 1325 meters. This site is becoming one of the top places to visit on a trip to Taiyuan. The surrounding flora around the Buddha makes for a pleasant, oxygen-infused walk. It’s a possible trip to or from the ancient town of Pingyao.

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