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Moon Hill

Another big spot to hit on a trip to Yangshuo and Guilin is Moon Hill, which is a small mountain with a naturally occurring arch It’s one of the countryside’s many beautiful karst peaks and one of the more notable spots in the area. The peak of Moon Hill offers a stunning panoramic view of the Yangshuo countryside. It stands at 380 m high and is approximately 410 m in length. One of the motivations to climb the hill is the view at the end of the road. The hill was once a limestone cave and now serves as a short hiking opportunity for a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding area. With around 800 steps or a 20-minute climb, there are opportunities for rock climbing on certain parts of the hill as well. Moon Hill is easily accessible and located just a few kilometers outside of Yangshuo in southern Guangxi Province. It is on the route of numerous tours and cycling tours available in Yangshuo.

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