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Mt. Emei

Nestled comfortably beneath the shadow of Mt. Emei is Emeishan City, a county-level city administered by Leshan. While most travelers typically limit their visit to this city, using it as a convenient springboard into Mr. Emei, the city is a noteworthy destination in its own right. Emeishan City’s geographical distribution is temperate yet varied, with the hilly southwest region gradually sloping into the eastern plains. This variance has fostered a thriving tea industry, and Emeishan’s Bamboo Leaf Green Tea has garnered both domestic and international acclaim. The city is also known for its silk industry, and on certain months you will be able to visit a silkworm incubator, where millions of silkworm cocoons are harvested, boiled and unraveled into spools of fresh silk. All told, while Emeishan City should be used primarily as an easy access point into the sacred Mt. Emei, travelers will find themselves pleasantly surprised should they choose to spend some additional time in the city, taking in the pleasant climate and exploring the local sights at a leisurely pace.

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