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Mukeng Bamboo Forest

Just a short distance from the village of Hongcun in Huangshan is another notable scenic spot; the Mukeng Bamboo Forest. It’s one of the best bamboo forest experiences in eastern China and an ideal place to get away and fully immerse into nature on any trip to Huangshan. It is easy to spend a few hours wandering around the fields of bamboo. There are lots of walking and hiking opportunities in the forest; take a short hike up to some of the residences and meet the local people. There’s often rooms available for any travellers who wish to stay overnight. The weather in the forest is often cool and muggy but a very pleasant break from the city. Enjoy the fresh air and the scenery with the misty mountains in the distance.
The Mukeng Bamboo Forest is another site where the iconic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was filmed. Visitors can spend a good part of the day exploring the forest. It’s also easily done when combined with a trip to a few of Huangshan’s traditional villages.

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