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Nanping Ancient Village

One of the main and most notable villages in the Huangshan area is the Nanping Ancient Village of Yixian (Yi County). Consisting of around 300 ancient residential homes, eight ancestral halls all found while winding through 72 small alleyways, Nanping Village is a great way to spend an afternoon on a visit to Huangshan. 
Huangshan is not only known for being one of the greatest mountains in China. The Huizhou villages near the base of the mountain are drawing more visitors every year. They are well-preserved and offer a great insight and experience into the Huizhou culture-unique to Anhui province. 
The area also served as the site for a number of Chinese films, including the well-known international blockbuster,”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.
The 300 houses are decorated with white walls and grey tiled roofs, in the traditional Huizhou-style. Much of the architecture dates back to the Yuan and Ming dynasties. The village has over 1,000 years of history, dating back to the time of the Ye, Li, Chen family clans who took residence in the village.
There are many small farmhouses in Nanping; a few which offer modest accommodation to visitors who wish to have a modest and authentic experience overnight in the village. The eight ancestral halls are worth a visit, two being the Xuzhi and Shensi Hall. There’s also 36 mineral water wells in the village.
Nanping is open daily for visitors until 17:30.

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