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Palgor Chorten

As a striking archetype of a classic Tibetan Buddhism monastery, the Palgor Chorten is characterized by its architectural flourishes, which juxtapose stupas and temples in a staggered serious of harmonious formations in order to fully evoke the divinity of the monastery’s cause. These stupas and temples complement each other both in terms of aesthetic effect as well as accessibility for the hundreds of Buddhist acolytes worshipping onsite, and the Palgor Chorten’s architecture is a holistic representation of the style which defined Tibetan monasteries built between the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. Historically, Palgor Chorten has maintained an aura of positivity and fortune, and locals look to the site for good luck and happiness. This positive energy stems from the monastery’s preservation of relics hailing from three separate classes of Buddhism- the Sakys, Gedang and Gelugpa- which were historically at odds with one another, which at times resulted in violent rivalries over the course of many centuries. By enshrining all three branches on equal terms, Palgor Chorten draws from the strengths of each sect and sets an enduring example for religious adherents who face parallel conflicts and turmoil within their own lives.

Palgor Chorten is also renowned for its Bodha stupa, which have been deemed by many as the primary symbol of the monastery. This irreplaceable stupa consists of hundreds of layered chapels, each housing hundreds of images depicting various religious and cultural iconography. These icons range from serene Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Vajras to an electrifying assortment of Dharma Kings, Arhats and religious devotees portrayed in various states of activity. By showcasing representatives from each of the different orders of Tibetan Buddhism within a classic setting, Palgor Chorten manages to embody the most familiar aspects of Tibetan architecture while simultaneously setting new precedents in religious tolerance and spiritual harmony.

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