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Panda Volunteer Program in Chengdu

Love animals? Well, if you do, here’s an opportunity you might not want to miss! A Panda volunteer program in Chengdu.

In September 2016 the International Union for the Conservation of Nature made a huge announcement: the giant panda, previously listed as an endangered species, had been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable. While this is a great milestone for Giant Panda conversation efforts, the wild pandas now occupy only small fragments of their historic range

While there a few Panda conservation areas in China, the most popular Panda volunteer program in China is at the Dujiangyan Panda Base.   We recommend a half day trip to the Panda base, and then spend some time visiting the surrounding attractions. 

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In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from the Panda volunteer program:

1) Get up close with the Pandas and observe them in their living environment

2) Get equipped with in-depth knowledge of the Pandas and conservation efforts

3) Prepare the Panda’s meal (eg. Bamboo) and feed them

4) Learn how to clean the Panda’s enclosure

5) Get a Panda volunteer certificate and souvenirs

Asides from spending time at the Panda Base, you can also explore the surrounding areas. Some areas you can explore include:


Mount Qing Cheng

Mount Qingcheng is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the cradles for Taoism in China. The Front Mountain of Mount Qing Cheng has many historical and cultural sites, while the Rear Mountain is famous for its tranquil and stunning scenery.

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Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Originally constructed around 256 BC, the impressive construction is still in use today. It is known as one of the three Great Hydraulic Engineering projects of the Qin. Several important landmarks may be found along the system, such as the Two Kings Temple and Dragon-taming Temple. 

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Jinli Pedestrian Street

A famous street in Chengdu if you’re looking for snacks and great food. The area still retains a antiquated feel, and is perfect for an evening out. 

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Wuhou Memorial Temple

An ancestral temple in memory of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and other heroes in Shu of Three Kingdom. Learn about the ancient history and bask in the stories of the Three Kingdoms. 

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Qingyang Palace

Qingyang Palace is a Taoist temple and houses the most extensive collection of Taoism research. A quiet and tranquil place to visit in the middle of a bustling city. 

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Keen to volunteer with the Pandas and explore Chengdu? Drop us an email at info@uchinatravel.com

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