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Prince Gong Mansion

The Prince Gong Mansion is one of the best imperial mansions in Shichahai Park, located in north-west Beijing.
A notable Manchu prince once lived there during the Qing Dynasty. It was later given to a group of Benedictine monks in the mid-20th century, who performed numerous renovations on the property and used it for a university. The mansion was later restored in full for the 2008 Olympics.
The mansion consists of numerous halls and is a total of 60 sq. metres. The mansion is separated into the north and southern parts. The gardens are in the northern end while the houses are in the south. The gardens are similar to those of Suzhou, a popular spot near Shanghai.
The infamous Beijing opera as well as other styles of Chinese opera are housed in the Prince Gong Mansion in the Beijing Opera House. There are sometimes kung fu performances in the mansion area. Walk through this site in Shichahai Park for a dose of Chinese history and culture in the middle of the city.

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