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Sanyou Cave

Literally translating as the “Three Travellers Cave”, this cave is near the Xiling Mountains in Hubei Province. The cave gets its name from three poets who travelled to the area during the Tang Dynasty over 1500 years ago. Two statues are at the entrance of the cave commemorating these poets. There’s one white statue of the three poets which stands at the front of the cave as well as one inside the cave.
The cave’s interior holds ancient inscriptions, including some poems and other works of writing. They were written in the stone walls by a variety of scholars and poets, all of whom frequented the cave throughout the years.
The Sanyou Cave is located about 10 kilometres northwest of Yichang and over the infamous Yangtze River. It is worth a mention that the Fang Weng Restaurant is located above the cave, offering a very enjoyable and unique scenic spot for any visitor. Plan for a meal during a trip to the Sanyou Cave to experience this one-of-a-kind restaurant with beautiful scenery.

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