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Shanxi Museum

Not to be confused with the Shaanxi Museum, the Shanxi Museum, located in the capital of Taiyuan is the largest in the province. The building houses all kinds of goodies from notable cultural relics to over 100,000 ancient texts. There are over 400,000 relics from various dynasties, starting from the Neolithic Age and all the way to the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Shanxi’s extensive amount of artifacts and it’s important history in the country makes the museum an ideal place to learn about the ancient centre of northern China.
The Shanxi museum was founded in 2005, but first opened as a library and museum in 1919. It’s one of the earliest museums to open in China.
A few hours, or an entire morning or afternoon should be needed to cover everything in the museum. There are always numerous exhibitions to explore. There’s a section for visitors to watch the art of pottery making and a traditional Chinese Shadow Play performed throughout the day in the Exhibition Hall. Visitors are encouraged to participate if they desire. Signage and information are marked in English as well as Chinese. There’s also an in-house cafe and bookshop.

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