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Also known as the “Capital of Sand”, Shapotao is situated along the northern side of the Yellow River, this desert is approximately 12 kilometres (about 7 miles) from the Zhongwei city centre and around 150 kilometres from Ningxia’s capital city of Yinchuan. It borders the Tengger Desert and is one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the country. It is a popular stop on any trip to northern China and Ningxia province.
Visitors can enjoy rafting along the river, sand sliding, camel riding, as well as a cableway slide. The sand slide is the longest in China, extending to about 1000 metres and the slope is 60 degrees. Some of the Ming Dynasty-era ruins of the Great Wall are around this area and the raft ride will take visitors to see this rare part of the wall. The cableway stretches over 820 metres and crosses a section of the Yellow River. It is the first cableway ever built which passes over a river.
This site is open daily to visitors and is particularly popular during the sunny summer months. An ideal day trip from Zhongwei or on a stop on the way to western China.

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