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This huge park, just north west of the center of Beijing, has been an important part of the capital for about 2,000 years. It’s 142-hectares in size and has three adjoining rivers; Houhai, Xihai, Qianhai. It’s also known as the Lake of Ten Temples and there are ten Buddhist and Taoist temples which surround the lake area, as well as many imperial homes and gardens.
Shichahai was once a vital trading and commercial area in the city. The lakes in Shichahai served as a link to the east China’s Grand Canal, which flows down to Hangzhou. It partnered these two important Chinese cities, helping economic growth in the region.
The Drum and Bell Towers are nearby and it’s an easy visit to them before or after the park. Visit in the summer and you can use a paddleboat on the lakes to get around. In the winter there’s the option to ice skate. It’s an ideal scenic spot and a great way to spend a sunny afternoon in Beijing any day of the year.

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