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Shuanglin Temple

Approximately 6 kilometres outside of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Pingyao in Shanxi province, in the quaint village of Qiaotou, stands the Shuanglin Temple. It’s a state protected temple and has a history of about 1,400 years. The temple underwent a lot of construction during the Song as well as the Ming Dynasty.  A number of the structures in the temple are originally from the renovations that occurred in the Ming Dynasty.
Also known as the “museum of coloured sculptures”, Shuanglin is renown for housing over 2,000 clay sculptures and statues dating back from the Song until the Qing dynasty. There’s a total of 10 halls on site. Shuanglin stands on a three-meter earth base and is surrounded by walls on all four sides.
It’s an easy place to visit on any trip to Pingyao. Shuanglin is considered one of the main sites in Pingyao and worth a visit. Allow one to two hours to explore the entire temple area.

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