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Shui Dong Gou

This is one of the oldest historical sites and discoveries in the Ningxia Autonomous Region. First uncovered by a French explorer in 1923, the site of Shui Dong Gou represents the times of the early stone age in China.
A visit to the Shui Dong Gou consists of a few stops. Beyond the entrance of the Shui Dong Gou site, visitors are taken into the museum for some history of the site and palaeolithic times. Following the museum is a short golf cart ride to a Ming Dynasty section of the Great Wall. This particular section of the wall looks practically untouched and a good opportunity to witness a preserved part of the wall far away from the Great Wall site in Beijing. There are two sides to the wall; divided into the Ningxia and Inner Mongolia side. Just past the Ming Dynasty Wall, visitors can take a small boat ride on the Yellow River. Donkey ad camel rides as well as zip-line tours are also available for tourists. The fortress at the end of the site was once used as a bunker by Chinese soldiers to defend the Great Wall.
Bordering Inner Mongolia and located about 25 kilometres from Yinchuan, Shui Dong Gou serves as a convenient day trip from the city.

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