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Siberian Tiger Park

Placed on the endangered species list and on China’s list of most significant protected animals, the extensive efforts to preserve the Siberian Tiger were taken in 1996 with the creation of Harbin’s Siberian Tiger Park. The park occupies a stretch of land along the north shore of the Songhua River just northwest of Harbin. As the world’s largest reserve for Siberian Tigers, the park covers an area of over 1,400,000 square meters. The park is known for promoting a developing eco-tourism industry, serving as an ideal spot to spend a leisurely holiday. Over 500 tigers live within the park, and over 100 of these magnificent creatures are visible to the park’s visitors. The park is also home to a number of other protected species including white tigers, lions, leopards, black pumas, and Bengal tigers, all of which can been spotted when exploring the park. The park is composed of 10 different sections including a separate area for young tigers, mature tigers, king tigers, and a walking platform from which the tigers can be viewed. Because the park is a reserve and not a typical zoo, the tigers are free to roam throughout the area while visitors are guided through the park in busses that travel along a route protected by mesh fencing. The park provides a number of adventurous activities for visitors including feeding the animals. Visitors can purchase poultry or live animals to feed to the tigers so visitors can observe the exciting natural feeding process. A science exhibition hall is also located within the park where visitors can learn more about the cherished, endangered creatures.

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