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South Crag

The South Crag is another main spot on Wudang Mountain. According to Chinese Taoist (pronounced daoist) teaching, it’s the place where the god of Zhenwu, also known as the main Taoist god of Wudang, eventually rose to heaven after years of study and recluse on the mountain. The South Crag spreads over a large area of 61,187 metres.
There is a true feng shui which exists with the structure, as it was built to display a strong sense of unity with the natural landscape and surrounding architecture. Originally built during the time of the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century, more detail went into the building in later centuries.
Visitors can only enter the South Crag via the South Celestial Gate. Areas on the land include the Yuan Jun Hall, Dragon and Tiger Hall. There are numerous stone structures on the land, including the Stone Palace. This is the place where the Zhengwu god lived during his time on Wudang.

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