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Harbin Sun Island Resort and Snow Sculptures

Spanning an area of more than 38sq kilometers, along the Songhua River, the Sun Island Scenic Resort is cherished for its simplistically picturesque landscape amidst the northern fields of Sidalin Park. Visitors often frequent the resort to enjoy the scenery over an afternoon picnic or short camping retreat. The beauty of the area was captured by a popular musician, Zheng Xulan, in the 1980’s through the song, “Beautiful Sun Island,” further popularizing the scenic spot. A small handful of islands and sandbars make up the area that has continued to serve as a wonderfully relaxing summer getaway for local Harbin residents. There is much to see and do on the islands. Spots of interest include the Pavilion along the Water, the Long Bank, and Weeping Willow. Visitors can also enjoy the peaceful Sacred Cranes and the Doe and its Young scenic areas. other scenic points of interest within the resort include Sun Lake, Mount Sun, the Sisters Bridge, White Jade Bridge, the Children’s Amusement Park, Flower Garden, and Jingjiang Gallery. Each area only adds to the spectacular scenery that abounds within the peaceful resort. Rushing waterfalls and quiet ponds also contribute to the diverse beauty of the natural environment. The scenic area is home to the annual Harbin Snow Sculpture exposition that attracts thousands of visitors to the artistically fascinating display each year. The season brings along with it a multitude of winter activities to be enjoyed at the resort including ice skating on the frozen river, sliding in ice canoes, driving ice boats, and playing games of ice ball.

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