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Tachuan Village

Also located in Yi County of Huangshan, Tachuan is a quaint and attractive town that sits at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. It is off the main traveler’s trail, a few kilometres away from the popular town of Hongcun. Like other Huangshan villages, Tachuan has the winding Qing Dynasty alleyways and the few houses in the area are designed in the traditional Huizhou architecture. The tallow trees near the entrance of the village are particularly eye-catching during the fall months when their leaves change to red and yellow. It’s especially favoured with photography enthusiasts, and it’s been noted that Tachuan is one of the top villages in China for pictures.A river runs through the town, which is also known as “chuan” in Chinese. The unique upturned eaves of the roofs in the Huizhou style resemble a tower, or “Ta”, giving the village it’s name, “Tachuan”.
An ideal time to visit Tachuan village is in autumn when the fall foliage is at it’s best, usually in early to mid-November.

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